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Berrien County Conservation District

Wednesday, June 21st  "Working with Wetlands" Field Day

Free Meal included     Three RUP Credits     MAEAP Phase 1

This is an on the farm field day to present information on Wetlands, how to enroll in the Wetland Reserve Easement Program, Wetland Restoration, Easements, and the Ag Assistance Program. 
Information for farmers in the Ox Creek and the St. Joseph River Watersheds on available USDA programs will be presented, along with the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. Invasive species of special concern will be covered. Also, representatives from ANR/TransCanada Pipeline Company will be available to answer questions about pipelines under farm fields and wetlands. Dinner is included. This event is eligible for three Restricted Use Pesticide Credits and MAEAP Phase 1.
The event is free and the public is invited but reservations are required.

When: Wednesday, June 21
Time: 4:30 to 8:30 pm
Where: Vic Rogers Farm, 161 North Blue Creek Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 
RSVP: Berrien Conservation District 269-471-9111 x3 or email [email protected] before Friday, June 16th. Early reservations encouraged!                                                     Sponsors include ANR/TransCanada Pipeline Company.This project has been funded wholly or in part through Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Nonpoint Source Program by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Free Well Water Screening Event

June 28th & 29th


Free Drinking Well Water Screening

The Berrien Conservation District and the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) will sponsor a free drinking water well screening on June 28th and 29th from 8am - 4:30pm. Bring your water samples to the Berrien Conservation District Office at 3334 Edgewood Road, Berrien Springs.

Samples from drinking water wells will be screened for nitrate and nitrite. The screening is open to everyone who uses a personal well for drinking water. Forms should be filled out in advance and are available at the Conservation District office or online at the link above, or you may fill out a form when you arrive. This service is for private drinking water wells only. Public water supplies are tested regularly. Please do not bring samples from public water supplies or non-drinking water sources. Only drinking water well samples will be tested. A special bottle is not required; any small clean jar will work—one ounce of water is enough.

Please follow the directions below to sample your well. Collect samples just before bringing them to be sampled. Samples must be less than 48 hours old for a valid nitrate result.

1. Fill out the water Sample Information Sheet. (These will also be available when you bring your sample in)

2. Pick a tap that supplies water that has not run through any treatment devices (water softener, carbon filter, etc.). An outdoor faucet often works well.

3. Run the water for 20-30 minutes before collecting the sample. Do not sample through a hose. Rinse the sample bottle and lid thoroughly in the water to be sampled.

4. Label the bottle your name, date, and the well name (cottage well, Mom's well, etc.) using a waterproof pen.

5. Keep the sample dark and cold (on ice or refrigerated) until it is dropped off.

All results are confidential. You will get your results as well as information on what to do should nitrite or nitrates show up in your drinking water. If you do not wish to wait a few minutes for your results you may just drop off the sample along with your completed form.

You can get more information from the Berrien Conservation District office at 269-471-9111 ext 3054, at, or email [email protected].

Pesticide Container Recycling Event - Wednesday, July 26th


Local farmers finding ways to make crops and environment 'greener' by adding Water Control Structures to their drain tile. 

The Berrien Conservation District was very excited to invite WSBT's Danielle Kennedy out to interview Patrick Freehling of Baroda on Water Control Structures and their benefits to crop production and water quality!  Click on the link to view the interview:  (click on the white circle in the center of the corn to start the video after clicking the link)

         Contact us to learn more about Drain Tile Water Control Structures and how to receive financial assistance to install them.
The Regular Monthly Board Meeting for July is Monday, July 10th at 12 noon.
New 2017 Berrien County Plat Books are available at our office!

The Hunting Access Program (HAP) is now accepting new properties.  A minimum of 40 acres with 20% in grassland, wetland, or forested habitat.   Rates are per acre, based on type of habitat.  
Additional financial assistance for habitat improvement may be available.

For more information visit or contact Nancy at 269-471-9111 x3





















Contact us at:

3334 Edgewood Road, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103 

269-471-9111  ext. 3

email: [email protected]

We are housed in the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Office in the USDA Service Center Building.  Our Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Due to the nature of our business, personnel may not be available during normal business hours as farm visits, workshops, training, or other may take us out of the office.  To ensure service please call ahead.


Mission Statement

The Berrien Conservation District's mission is to promote the protection and improvement of Berrien County's natural resources through partnerships, education, reforestation, ground and surface water protection, and soil erosion control measures.