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Invasive Species

SW x SW Corner CISMA (Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area)

A Michigan Invasive Species Grant has been awarded for the SW x SW Corner Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA). This project covers Berrien, Cass and Van Buren Counties and the primary focus of the project will be mapping & surveying invasive species populations, education, and developing a strategic plan.

What does "Invasive" mean?

An invasive species is one that is not native and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan's economy, environment, or human health.

What is a CISMA?

CISMA is a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, tribes, individuals, and various interested groups that manage (or have a stake in managing) invasive species in a defined area.

Target Species

Asian Longhorned Beetle


European Frog-bit


Hemlock Woolly Adelgid


Black and Pale Swallow-wort


Flowering Rush


Japanese Knotweed

Chinese Yam


Giant Knotweed


Phragmites (Common Reed)

Report Sightings

If you see any invasive species please report your sightings to MISIN or download the free MISIN app to your phone. This site provides detailed information on invasive species and offers valuable training modules to aid identification.  When reporting please indicate that you are apart of the South West X South West Corner CISMA.

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