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About Us

Berrien County Conservation District is a local unit of government and a political subdivision of the State of Michigan. The District's authorities, powers, and structure are contained in Michigan Conservation District Law. Berrien Conservation District comprises all of Berrien County and was formed in 2006 with the merging of the Galien River and St. Joseph River Conservation Districts that were established in the 1940's.


Our goal is to conserve and protect land, air, water, and wildlife today for future generations.​We are board-driven and monthly board meetings occur on the second Monday of each month at 12pm; exceptions occur when holidays land on a Monday. The public is welcome to attend the board meetings. Please check the Events calendar for dates and location of meetings.​

We partner with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and are housed with them in the USDA Service Center's Berrien Springs office. 

Berrien Conservation District Board of Directors

Berrien Conservation District Staff

Providing education and technical service

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Destiny Stetina

Community Engagement Coordinator

Destiny Stetina recently assumed the role of Community Engagement Coordinator at the Berrien CD in April 2024. Her primary focus lies in fostering enthusiasm and involvement within the Berrien County community towards local conservation initiatives. Destiny manages our website content and social media to create a link between district and community members. Beyond her digital work, she plays an active role in many district-hosted events and workshops, where she continually cultivates relationships and advocates for environmental stewardship.

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Brenda Mitchell

Regenerative Agriculture


Brenda is the new Regenerative Agriculture Technician for the Berrien and Cass County Conservation District. She currently resides in Indiana, but we won't hold that against her, as she sprouted and matured here in Michigan. Her parents raised her, her brother and sister on a small subsistence farm where they were involved in every part of farm life. On the 1.5 acres they learned and did everything to help ensure the farm ran smoothly. This included mechanics, construction, hunting, growing, and processing. Brenda has come to us with experience in conservation as an Agriculture Program Specialist where she managed a 114 acre educational working farm that has 28 acres of woods, a 3 acre pollinator plot, 6,000 square foot greenhouse, and 6 different species of animals. When she is miraculously not busy she spends her time with her family of 5 and 3 dogs. She enjoys creating for her shows at the Buchanan Farmers Market, playing board games with her family, reading, and writing. We are excited to welcome Brenda to the Berrien and Cass County Conservation District team.

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