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Berrien County Conservation District

Led by You and Me

Pack of Fish

Our Conservation Movement

Empowering the Community

Founded in 2023, Berrien County Conservation District has led numerous successful campaigns that have produced real change, both in San Francisco and across the nation. Through events, telethons, and online petitions organized by our dedicated members, we work to hold leaders and decision-makers accountable for their actions, moving them to rethink what is possible.

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Our Campaigns

Work We Do

Frozen Land
Foggy Forest


Everyone Counts


No One Should be Silenced


Ensuring that All Voices are Heard

Engage Yourself

Berrien County Conservation District encourages everyone to play their part in our Conservation Movement. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.

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Organizing an Event

Take Action
Making Posters


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Donation Boxes

Planning a Fundraiser

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