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Modified, high density polyethylene plastic 50- 55 gallon black barrels formerly used for food product shipping. These used barrels will have some scuff marks and scratches from shipping use. The ultimate in recycling; these have been "upcycled" to a greater purpose and therefore saved from a landfill! Approximately 4 ft. tall & only requires a 3 by 4 ft. area to store and compost. Holds 7.3 cubic ft. of material, low maintenance, pest proof, fully enclosed, off the ground. Easy mixing and turning of the compost materials due to the tumbling action. A center tube aerates the material and allows excess moisture to drain out. Black only.

Note: No shipping, pick up only (truck, minivan, or suv as these will not fit in a trunk) Call directly 269-471-9111 x3 for pick up details or you will be called once the order is received electronically. (These can be ordered and picked up with a seedling order during our annual tree seedling sale in the spring.)

Tumbling Composter